Novinka 2019 na evropském trhu

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Více o produktu Aloe vera nudle

Informace a objednávky na info@aloeveranudle.cz



Aloe vera noodles with sauces
- Vegan, Non GMO, without preservatives, MSG, artifical additives

Traditional production of noodles and sauces from natural ingredients from Taiwan.
The food factory is certified by the International ISO Standards. The raw materials used in the production are from organic farms(with Organic Certification of Taiwan) without the use of pesticides. Noodles are naturally dried in the sun, without the use of industrial dryers, not fried.

We offer the possibility of cooperation within Europe. If You have any enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us.

European distributor  info@aloeveranudle.cz

Aloe vera nudle se sladkou bramborou